Llagurt believes in the values of effort, cure in the details and humane treatment


Our idea is to extend through our own stores in the province of Girona and the rest of the territory through the granting of franchises to those who want to share the project, maintaining, respecting and believing always in the values of Llagurt: quality, effort, and attention to detail and humanity.

In Llagurt, we give our customers complete transparency and good attention to the point of sale. In our stores our consumers can report the products and make suggestions, helping us day by day to build a better and closer Llagurt.

Within the last 8 years, Llagurt has opened more than 25 points of sale in Catalonia and Perpignan.

For more information you can contact us through our e-mail or call at 972 47 79 82 o 646 934 537.

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