Lagurt is an attractive and fun experience where you can create your own product. Lagurt, healthy, tasty and from local farms. Choose the ICE CREAM or NATURAL texture...

The size and sauce you want on it. The toppings are unlimited!

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Our toppings

A careful selection of suppliers, with whom we have direct dealings, ensures us an offer of high quality ingredients.

Our sauces

Our menu is made up of sauces that we make directly at the point of sale, such as strawberry, mango or kinder bueno, and others that we buy directly from suppliers who love their trades and get great products, like forest fruit sauce or milk chocolate.

Nutritional information

Acai superfood

The soft transformation of this fruit is considered a superfood. We provide well-being and energy with a 100% vegan product.

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Choose your size and combine it with a selection of our best toppings.

It is very nutritious

Vitamins A, B, C, iron and calcium

It brings balance

Serotonin and dopamine

It's super healthy

Takes care of cellular and heart health

It is ideal for vegans

Antioxidant proteins and minerals

It provides energy

Gives vitality and improves sports performance

It strengthens the immune system

Fights viruses, bacteria and anti-inflammatory

It's good for the mind

Ideal for students, for memory and concentration

It helps to lose weight

40% fiber, burns fat, detoxifies

Juices, smoothies and sorbets

100% natural fruit and dairy-free

Beverages prepared at the moment

All our juices from over a fruit we sweeten them with a combination of natural apple and pear juice. 100% natural and sugar-free.

Our smoothies are made with our frozen yogurt and organic milk

Our pancakes

Sweet or savory, you choose!

Our pancakes made with our own recipes prepared every day. Come for lunch or dinner!

Cinnamon rolls

Own recipe

Try our warm cinnamon rolls and accompany them with sauces and toppings. Take them home or make an original gift!


Delicious mini fluffy pancakes with vanilla flavor accompanied by Nutella or the sauce and/or toppings you like best!

Coffe time

100% Arabic Origins Colombia – Brazil Sweet fruitiness with a clean mouthfeel and a milk chocolate finish