Llagurt is a commitment to quality, to the products of our
land, which benefits the body and the most demanding palates.


Llagurt is the leading yogurt shop in Catalonia with a differentiated concept of high quality, local and healthy products. Entrepreneurial project that keeps growing and evolving.


Illusion, teamwork, creativity, entrepreneurship and commitment to work and the client. We attach great importance to close treatment, transparency and social commitment.


Llagurt uses as a base the traditional recipe of fresh, natural, organic, creamy and environmentally friendly yogurt. It is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins B2, A and D. In addition, fresh fruit is the protagonist and since 2021 we have had our own recipe for açaí soft, a superfood.

Young and entrepreneurial project

Llagurt was born in October 2010 by two young entrepreneurs from Girona.

In less than a year they had already opened the second establishment and are starting the process of expansion through franchises and own stores. Today Llagurt has approximately 30 points of sale.


Glòria Salomó

Co-founder and CEO

Hello! My name is Glòria, I am 39 years old and I was born in Girona. My dream was to have my own company, to work for myself, to test myself and be more free. After a trip to the United States, where I saw the idea, Llagurt was born, a project I set up with my school friend Ingrid Rahola.

Llagurt is now 12 years old and we have the best of us every day, in every decision to be where we are. On this path we have grown a lot, I have learned endlessly based on mistakes and successes and it has been and is a journey that gives the meaning I want to my life, because above all, I feel like an entrepreneur. I can't be anything else because I am this.

My dream is to have a strong project, which improves year after year and brings happiness, health and freedom to franchisees and customers.

I feel encouraged and happy to achieve it. With a lot to learn ahead and work to do but with increasingly clear ideas and my commitment 100%


Logistics and maintenance manager

My name is Aniol and I am 42 years old. I have experienced the trajectory of the project from the beginning and I feel at home.

My tasks are:
- Training new franchisees.
- Setting up the establishments.
- Repair and maintenance of points of sale.
- Openings and closings.
- Assembly of events.
- Sending orders throughout the territory.

Very happy to participate in the project and share values with a great team. Always ready to help with whatever is needed.


Head of accounting, labor and new technologies department

My name is Sonia and I am 50 years old. Since the beginning of the Llagurt project, which I am linked to, both by friendship and by family.

My rank is numbers and it is also my passion, so I didn't think much of it, where could I go to contribute my knowledge and bet on a young, earthy and healthy project, in Llagurt.
Here I am, I handle all the accounting and financial matters of the company, together with Glòria we make it possible for everything to work. I have also been helping the labor department doing contracts, payroll, etc. and training for our stores. I am very well there, they make me feel at home and close, in the end with the experience I have and maturity I can't think of where I could be better, doing what I like and with the people I love.

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